Atlantic City Nazi

by Charles Frankhauser

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Book Description

Historical fiction set in the late 1930's captures the glitter of Atlantic City, New Jersey on the eve of WWII. U-Boats train for action along America's coastline. A showgirl uses her charms to entice a young man into espionage; petty crimes lead to major crimes including murder, bank fraud, kidnapping, and a tragedy of epic proportions. The fundamental premise of this novel is based on the ease of enticing a naive person to commit treason by luring them into crimes of numerous types ending in absolute disaster for many innocent people -- all starting with a feigned romantic attraction. This novel is also adapted into a feature-length script for a screenplay; Treatment and Script are published on Amazon & Kindle under the title: RC and RUBY Screenplay. Note: The author as a boy traveled with a Big Band during a gig in Atlantic City, NJ. The showgirl's horse-diving act, the Steel Pier, and travels with musicians were actual experiences that are fictionalized for this novel of a Love Story gone wrong.

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