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eBookasaurus Author Central

As an author myself, I have often found it difficult to get my bearings and find helpful resources for writing, inspiration, formatting or just general How-To’s. Author Central strives to provide those resources.

This main post will be a living and breathing post that will change from time to time. It will have new links and information as I add content to the site. If there is something you would could use help with or want to see added to the site, please let me know.

There are/will be resource categories. These will provide you links to helpful resources, products, services etc. that maybe useful for you as a writer. Please consider any link on this site to possibly be an affiliate link which I would earn commission. That is not the sole purpose of this site, but it does help keep it running.

There will be “How-To” and “Case Study” posts as well. These may be written by third parties or reprinted with their permission. Please do copy, borrow, steal or anything otherwise from this site. If content begins to show up elsewhere this will no longer be a free resource for authors.

Here is a list of upcoming topics that you will find on this site:

  • Marketing & Ads – This includes how to use resources like Facebook Ads, Book Launches, Social Media and other services to get more people to your books.
  • Inspiration – These are stories & anecdotes from and about other authors and people that have had a great deal of success as Indie publishers
  • How-to – Obviously – How-To accomplish certain things that may be helpful to you, save you time etc.
  • Resources – These are lists and posts about helpful resources. These may be products or services that cost money. These types of posts may also provide links to free services. See the disclaimer above about external links.
  • News – Quick stories about breaking news, trends or information that may be helpful for you to know about.


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