The Toolbox

The Inaugural Toolbox

As the first toolbox resource post, I’m unsure if I will post others or just update this post from time to time. In any event, this is a list of important and nice to have resources that may make your life as an author easier.

Amazing Training

This particular topic will require a dedicated post in the future because of just how helpful the training itself is. I have personally been a member of this group for over 1.5 years and without it, would never have seen the success I have as an author.

Kindling, is more than just training. It’s a step by step how-to and even more than that, it’s a community of successful and up and coming authors. There is a dedicated, secret Facebook group that is worth 50x the amount that the total training costs. In this group alone, people share information openly, on how to launch a book, their strategies, their successes, some even share their incomes (Numbers, not the actually money…sorry). There are MANY people that started with nothing and from this group have learned and are not making SIX FIGURES A MONTH.

I do not want to mislead you, these people work their butts off to get there, but they have done it and share how they did it. You can’t get better training and companionship than that.

Here’s a link to purchase Kindling.external-link-16


More to Come!



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