And the plot thickens

For many people, including myself, getting started with a story can be difficult.  Sometimes I just need to be in a creative mood. I get there by watching TV, reading a book or checking out a movie. All of those things help for inspiration.

However, SOMETIMES, it’s just easier starting with a solid framework and story and then tweaking it. That’s exactly what I recommend for anyone just getting started, having writer’s block or in search of ideas and coming up empty.

Below are some truly amazing plots. Just coming up with the ideas can be tough, but these plots give you a storyline, characters, twists, chapter by chapter reference points and some very good info. Now you CANNOT just grab these plots and start writing. It is highly recommended to use these as a starting point, change up the characters a little, the storyline a bit and WHAMMO, you have a book.

Even better, split these up into a series and sell them as 3-4 different books within a series. THAT is a tried and true way to make some money.

FINALLY, I ONLY recommend high quality resources that will help you get started. These plots are top quality and I know they will help. Below are links and Genres for the plots.

external-link-16Romantic Suspense


external-link-16Romantic Suspense #2


external-link-16New Adult Steamy


external-link-16New Adult Romance


external-link-16New Adult Romance Plots #2


external-link-16Cop/Crime Plots


external-link-16Sci Fi Plots Package 1 


external-link-16Children’s Book Plots


external-link-16Historical Romance


external-link-16Paranormal Plots

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