Building a Reader Army with Social Media

If you’re like me, you’ve probably looked at other author Facebook pages or Twitter accounts and wonder “How the heck did they get SO MANY Fans?” Well, they ALL started with nothing. I was there once with many of my Pen Names.  I remember being the first and ONLY person to like my author fan page. Talk about embarrassing.

Having fans is important. Having RAVING fans is even more important.

Learning how to engage those fans and making them want to write reviews for you, comment on your posts, share things and get more likes can be easy, if you know how.

I wish I had had this blueprint when I first got started.

The KD Army blueprint shows you the following things:

  • How to keep readers thinking about your book after you hit the publish button
  • Get insight into what readers really want from you
  • Learn how to get GLOWING REVIEWS without begging or asking
  • Know how to encourage readers to read your books for a second and third time AND encourage others to read them!
  • Get more fans without using Gimmicks and wasting time!
  • Discover how to use Amazon’s Algorithms to boost your book into the best seller list!
  • Build an army of readers that sell your books for you.

I will admit, I copied that right from the sales pages, but there wasn’t a better way to sum up all of the great info inside this PDF guide. I purchased it myself because I was struggling to engage my readers when I launched a new pen name. The end result, I ended up with over 500 raving fans in just a few weeks. EVERYTIME I make a post I instantly get likes and comments. My readers message me. They answer my questions and they tell me what they want.

HECK – when I finished writing my last book, my fans were begging me to release the next book the very next day, right on facebook for every other fan to see.

Know what happened next? They shared my posts to their friends.

At first I thought maybe i had stumbled on to something in the particular genre I write in. Then I tried everything in this guide a second time with a brand new pen name. The result? The exact same thing. Fans talking about books, sharing, engaging.

So, bottom line. I’m wholeheartedly saying that KD Army is worth your time if you’re wondering how to build a social media platform.

Here’s a link to KD Army. Try it out and then feel free to post and share comments and questions below so it can help others.

external-link-16KD ARMY

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