Spying on the Competition

The last two weeks I’ve been trying out this new software someone emailed me about, KindleSPY. The software is a Google Chrome add on and allows you to browse through Amazon Category, Keyword or Author pages, hit a button and see the sales revenue (Estimated) for those set of books.

So you may be wondering, what good is that for me? Simple. Curious whether a niche or genre is profitable? Go to the category page, click the button and BOOM! You can see the revenue per book, ranking, number of pages and estimated sales. There’s a video here that will show the software in action.

Here’s how I use this software.

  1. I use it for inspiration. When I see an author in my niche/genre and I’m curious how good (or bad) they’re doing, I’ll use this. Nothing inspires me more than to see someone else crushing the income and knowing I can do that too.
  2. I use it for research to see what genres and sub-sub genres are making money. If the books show up under the 15,000 mark for rankings, I know I found a good winner. Time to write.
  3. I use it to TRACK BOOKS, even my own. Using KindleSpy you can track your book rankings without having to check each day. No log in required, and you can track competitor books too.

Here’s the link to the video. For the price, it was one of the best investments I’ve made to date.

2 responses to “Spying on the Competition”

  1. Henri Adams says:

    That’s an affiliate link. i’ve yet to find a review that is not sponsored–how do you know it works?

    • Admin says:

      Henri – Good question. I did mention in the article above that I used the software myself and use it every day. I know it works. I will never, blindly just throw up affiliate links here unless I have actually seen/reviewed a product myself and find it of value.

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