Awoken: A Dreamer’s Journey (The Lucidites Book 1)

by Sarah Noffke

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Book Description

"One of Ten Self-Published Young Adult Novels That Need To Be On Your Radar." - Bustle In a world where dreams are real, nightmares reign! Around the world humans are hallucinating after sleepless nights.In a sterile, underground institute the forecasters keep reporting the same events.And in the backwoods of Texas, a sixteen-year-old girl is about to be caught up in a fierce, ethereal battle.Meet Roya Stark. She drowns every night in her dreams, spends her hours reading classic literature to avoid her family's ridicule, and is prone to premonitions--which are becoming more frequent. And now her dreams are filled with strangers offering to reveal what she has always wanted to know: Who is she? That's the question that haunts her, and she's about to find out. But will Roya live to regret learning the truth?

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