by Dr. Bella Bleicher and Esq. Lavi Sigman

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Book Description

Designed to delight your child, at the same time instilling important values and necessary social skills related to collaboration, team effort, and willingness to help, the plot of the story centers around Grand-Kitty, an eccentric but kindly old man who has opened his house to countless numbers of stray cats. Among Grand-Kitty’s numerous pets are his three very favorite cats, the City Kitties: New York, Paris, and Amsterdam. When friendly, smart, loving New York doesn’t return to Grand-Kitty’s house for lunch one day, the old man and the other two City Kitties begin to worry. Together, they set out on a quest to find New York. While conducting their search, Grand-Kitty, Paris, and Amsterdam meet a little girl named Faith and her two brothers, Alex and William. The three helpful children are determined to join Grand-Kitty on his search for the lost New York. Thanks to these neighborhood kids, who understand the importance of lending a helping hand, the group soon finds New York—only to discover that she’s stuck up high in a tree at the park and can’t get down! Even seeing her beloved owner Grand-Kitty can’t coax poor New York out of the tree. Faith, Alex, and William have plenty of clever ideas of their own to rescue New York, and the children’s mother even joins in on the effort. But no such luck! Even when a policeman and firefighter show up, it seems nothing can be done for New York! Will she be stuck up in that tree forever?

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