by Adrianna Paradise
  • Book Author : Adrianna Paradise
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  • Category : Erotica / Kindle Unlimited
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Book Description

Next morning when they woke up in each other’s arms, there was a big blanket of warmth wrapped around them both. Nobody could have told one from another. Chanel had never been a woman to make decisions in haste and although she had sex with Ryan on the very first day of knowing him, yet not even for a single moment did she feel like she was in the arms of a stranger. It almost felt like years in his arms, as if they knew each other from childhood. And above all, she was of the opinion that in love, years don’t matter, love does. So as long as she felt in love, she wouldn’t step back for any unnecessary assumptions made by people. She was happy to find Ryan’s arms around her and as far as Ryan was concerned, he was there in her bed, deeply and madly in love with her. Some men do not care after a night’s sex. But Ryan wasn’t like that! He was the kind of man who had always loved the women he slept with. Unlike any popular opinion, he wasn’t the one to have sex without love.

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