by Alice Summerfield

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Book Description

While responding to a break in, dire wolf shifter and military veteran Rudolf Shaw finds Helena Tarleton, a woman in obvious need of a place to lie low. Taking the electrifying woman in, despite her secrets (and the insistent howl of his better sense), is a no-brainer. But when faced with a pack of angry hellhounds, a murdered neighbor, and an angry dragon, Dolf begins to suspect that he may have bitten off more than he can chew in giving Helena his protection. However, Dolf has to try. Because the thing is, Helena just might be his soul’s mate. And if she’s not, is he too far gone on her to care? The Wyvern’s Defender Dire Wolf is a steamy, full length novel chock-full of humor, cozy mystery, action, and heartwarming romance. If you love reading about mysterious murders, bookish but brave heroines, or the thoroughly confounded heroes that fall in love with them, don’t miss this exciting read! Buy it today!

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