by Butter Brain T.A.

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Book Description

Written to be the worst in the world, this book has no such thing as grammatically correct content in it, or proper words. It may give one super powers from all the verbal-radiation. It succeeded in it's purpose of being the worst, it's a different read than anything. A peek into the story(like thing). Guy, a guy, whose name is Guy. One day he unfortunately thought the weather was nice, so he went out for a walk. As bad luck would have it, all the other people out at the time thought it was a nice day too, every step he took, a pleasant smiling face wished him. Deceived by the good atmosphere, Guy got excited, he did something he hadn't done in a long time. Guy tried to start a conversation with a stranger, and it all went to $#!t. Guy was in jail, he had no idea as to why. Soon in the "innocent" mind of Guy, thoughts of escape started to form, but they were destroyed before completion. Something crazy happened, he fell in Love. It all went to another level of $#!t. Opinion of the author Butter Brain T.A in a few “profound words”. "This story has a child like innocence radiating from it. Ever see a kid laughing joyfully without any worries or pretenses, while crushing the dear life out of bugs, who did nothing wrong. It is something like that." Should you read BAD BAD STORY? Absolutely. You can conquer one of the worst things that exist in the world while sitting, or standing, or laid down, it's about preference. And, find inner peace on the way.

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