Bad Dog and The Sicilian

by Fallacious Rose
  • Book Author : Fallacious Rose
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  • Category : Children's & Middle Grade
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Book Description

Houdini - the baddest dog on the block - has just moved to a new neighbourhood. Life is all cowpats and kibble - until The Sicilian comes prowling over the garden fence. She might look like just another stray cat, but she rules the neighbourhood with an iron paw. Nothing - but nothing - happens without her say so. For a while, even Houdini toes the line - until The Sicilian makes an offer he can't refuse. Meanwhile, Houdini's owner Tess faces social ruin. Her dad's signed up to busk at the local Show - and he can't sing! Pity she's the only one who seems to realise it... If you love dogs and cats, you'll fall in love with The Sicilian - feral though she is - and Houdini, the disobedient mutt with a heart of gold. For ages 7 and up.

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