Bars, Bouncers, Bad Guys & Beyond: A kick-ass manual for bouncers and security officers

by Harry Hammer
  • Book Author : Harry Hammer
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Book Description

A kick-ass manual for bouncers, security officers and owner/operators on how to achieve "true professional power" in bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues.Harry Hammer, the author of this manual and a former marine, is the recipient of four meritorious awards as a PPCT (Pressure Point Control Tactics) Instructor Trainer and a long-time law enforcement officer. Hammer has been an instructor and an Instructor Trainer since the mid-80’s in:Defensive TacticsSpontaneous Knife DefenseGround Avoidance and Ground EscapesSexual Harassment Assault & Rape PreventionViolent Patient ManagementDisruptive Student ManagementTactical HandcuffingEscape and EvasionInmate ControlHammer is also an Advanced De-Escalation Instructor and a former firearms and Advanced Verbal Judo Instructor, and brings over 41 years of experience, both as a top notch and dedicated peace officer and as a veteran PPCT Instructor Trainer, into his writing of this manual for bouncers and security officers.Begin reading Bars, Bouncers, Bad Guys & Beyond and increase your level of professionalism, whether you're a restaurant, bar or club owner, or a security professional who is committed to performing your job professionally.

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