Battleground: Elijah and the War With Jezebel

by L. M. Roth

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Book Description

From the pages of history they emerge into life: Elijah, the bold and powerful prophet of Yahweh and Jezebel, the vicious and evil Queen of Israel.On Mount Carmel the battle is waged and only one can emerge as the victor. It is a dark time in the land of Israel. The weak King Ahab, so fearless in battle but reduced to a slave by his sly and manipulative Queen Jezebel, has eradicated the very identity of the people. The word has gone out: worship Baal or die. A ruthless war is waged on God's prophets, and only Elijah is left to fight on. But in a day when it is dangerous to cry out in protest, does he dare to raise his voice? From L. M. Roth, author of the Quest For the Kingdom series, Abelard and the Dragon's Vapor, and Disenchanted In the Land of Dreams Come True comes an exciting tale of danger and drama in this vivid retelling of the ancient story of enemies locked in the death.

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