Be a Prepper: A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving Disasters and Other Emergencies

by Macallister Anderson
  • Book Author : Macallister Anderson
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Book Description

Better to be ready than sorry later! Basic information you need in order to survive disasters and other emergencies.Disasters, natural or thrust upon us, can happen at any time without any warning, or so little, that you cannot do anything about it. Except…if you are already prepared! Knowing the things to do and what decisions to make to protect your loved ones and yourself has become crucial due to changing global climate, political tensions and other unforeseen events that could affect your livelihood. We all know we have to do it. Isn’t it time to get it done? This book contains the basic information you need to become a prepper and to be ready when unfortunate disaster strikes. In this book you will learn:•Why you should become a prepper•What you need to do to get ready •Identify potential risks and hazards•Prepare an emergency plan and test it•Build your emergency supplies •What is a bug-out bag and why you need it•Securing supplies for your personal defense•What you need to know to evacuate•Sustainable living and long-term prepping•Emergency barter Be prepared and live safely through the worst situation life could bring upon you and your loved ones. Be a prepper!Scroll back up and grab you copy today!

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