be your own president

by mehran fasahat

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Book Description

Do not increase your income, how much you work? Have you studied at the fine University but you do not find your perfect job or you do not get high incomes in that job? Do you enter new businesses like internet-businesses, but you have not gotten great results? Do you suffer from a particular disease? Or do not experience good emotional relationships in life? It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, old or young, you have a high school or college degree, no matter which city or country you live in, and even if it does not matter who is the king or the president or the minister But the only and only factor depends on your beliefs about wealth, rich people, health, relationships, and anything in your life that causes how much wealth come in to your life, having full health, and a great relationship experience in your life. Beliefs are your dominant thoughts on every subject that has been repeated over and over since childhood and were located in your unconscious mind. And as long as you do not correct your beliefs about wealth, you will not become wealthy with more physical effort. For example, if you know the rich as bad people, how do you want to change to someone that you do not like it? In order to bring wealth, blessing, health, financial independence, and excellent relationships into your life, you must correct your beliefs about them, and this is the most important law of the universe.

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