Beachcomber Baby: Beachcomber Investigations Series – Book 2

by Stephanie Queen
  • Book Author : Stephanie Queen
  • Promo Start : 04/24/2019
  • Promo End : 04/29/2019
  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

From USA Today bestselling author Stephanie QueenBeachcomber Baby - Beachcomber Investigations Series - Book 2A romantic detective seriesDark and dangerous Dane and shamelessly sexy Shana team up like oil & water on a mission to save a baby while they wage a personal war of love & hate between them.Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise doesn't like cases involving babies. In his experience, they always end bad. Really bad.When Father Donahue hands Shana a baby and the mission is to find the baby's mother, the ex-Scotland Yard detective can't resist taking the case. Shana convinces Dane to help her, but he'll only go so far.Once they discover that the priest dragged them into the tip of an iceberg full of trouble with an ex-Russian KGB operative turned-criminal and his comrades involved in a baby farm, things look bad. Really bad.To keep Dane on the mission, Shana will need to uncover the secret of his terrible baby case from the past. Can she convince him to put aside his fears to save this baby--and save their partnership too?

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