by Miranda Martin
  • Book Author : Miranda Martin
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Book Description

In fairy tales, heroes don’t demand people’s homes to repay debts. And happily ever after isn’t supposed to start with indentured servitude. There’s a Beast in all of us. Mine demands I claim this beauty or risk losing all control. Prince Adir I've given in to my dark side one time too many. The more I indulge, the more bestial I become, until now I'm struggling to remain in control. A sweetly innocent girl offers herself to me in repayment of her fathers debts. I think I’ve scored big time until I realize her untouched little body just might be the thing that tips me over the edge. Isa I love my father and our library home. One of the last places on Earth not taken over by high-rises and digital media. So when the Singarti known as the Beast comes to collect a debt, I do what I have to do. I offer myself to him. Three years of service, no big deal. Right? Wrong. He’s dominating and scary but hiding something secret behind a locked door. A secret I can’t stay away from. I came to repay a debt but now I want to tame the Beast.

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