Beauty and Bloodlust

by Laura Arc

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Book Description

There are three very important rules in the village that everyone must abide: Be back in your house by dusk with the door tightly locked. Do not go into the Black Forest. Do not go near the ruined castle where the vampire lord sleeps. In the kingdom of Ravnna, the daytime is a villager’s only sanctuary and the night is ruled by vampires–demons born from darkness with a lust for blood. Mina Perri–a farmer’s daughter–is thrown into misfortune when the vampire lord living near her small village awakens from a long period of sleep. In order to save her loved ones from the vampire’s wrath, Mina chooses to become a prisoner in his castle… Fearing she will never see her family again, hope emerges when a valuable secret is revealed about the vampire that could help Mina gain her freedom. Yet, in order to win that freedom, Mina will have to give up more than she could ever imagine to. A price more precious than blood. For lovers of Beauty and the Beast with a dark, sensual twist.

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