Beauty and the Sleep: Sleep Solutions for Young Women

by Kathleen Walsh

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Book Description

How To Overcome Insomnia and Get Better Sleep Tonight! You can improve your health and overcome your sleeping problems by following the helpful advice in this book! Learn how: Sleep works and how to get the best out of it Learn about what function sleeps has in our bodies, such as improving our immune system, preparing our brain to learn new information and even weight control. A lack of sleep or even poor sleep quality can affect your decision making, your creativity, your judgement and other mental functionality. This can lead to low productivity during the day and even fatal road accidents. Understanding your sleep cycles and how your daily activities impact them are key. Some people do not even know how much sleep they need to be ready for their next day. I want to show you how to find out how much sleep you need and when the best times are to sleep. How stress relates to insomnia and how to bust stress-related sleep disturbances for once and for all. Discover secret tricks to overcoming the effects of stress and to remove the effect of stress on your sleep quality. Understand why the brain sometimes seems to refuse to shut down, leaving us frustrated when we lie in bed waiting fruitlessly for sleep to come to us.

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