Because Emily Dared. Children’s Book About Kindness, Supporting and Loving: Kid kind

by Rachel Jones

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Book Description

Cute kids poem teaches your children kindness and how to dare to be kind What if your child sees how offend and laugh at another kid, should he/she help and how to handle with this? It's not always easy to be braver and kinder than others, especially when you need to go against everyone to defend your position and help a friend. A cute story in the kindergarten about the girl Emily, who was able to find new friends, because she always remembered what her parents told her: ”Be kind, Emily, and be brave.” From esteemed children’s author Rachel Jones, this gentle story shows how to respond when a friend needs help. Rachel provides examples of kindness - helping, paying attention, supporting and confirm that it is not always easy to be kind, particularly when others aren't. A must-have book for children and parents to teach kids about Kindness.

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