Behold Darkness

by LC Champlin

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Book Description

Never let a crisis go to waste. Carpe jugulum. That’s the credo of ambitious New York businessman Nathan Serebus, a man content to consider himself anything but a hero. But that’s before a San Francisco business trip with his attorney Albin Conrad lands them both in the middle of a multiple-target terrorist attack. And before a plague unleashed upon the city transforms its people into monstrous, unthinking cannibals. As the cannibals turn on civilian and terrorist alike, and San Francisco descends into apocalyptic violence, Nathan and his friends must fight with the brutality and ferocity of wolves in order to survive. Despite Nathan's tenacity, the terrorist mastermind Cheel takes him and his people hostage. But Nathan has always thrived on chaos. As he matches wits with Cheel—a man whose goals may be closer to Nathan’s than he’d like to believe—he finds himself left with a decision: fight his demons or embrace them? His choice will have grave consequences—for him and for all civilization. Behold Darkness is the first book of LC Champlin’s gritty Wolves of the Apocalypse series. For more information, visit

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