Being a Balanced Leader, A Leadership Fable by Jason Phoenix

by Jason Phoenix
  • Book Author : Jason Phoenix
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Book Description

Tony, an Operations Manager at SPPSD, takes the success of his team for granted. After being assigned to a new shift, and a new team, Tony comes to a crossroads in his career. Tony worked hard for his MBA and his career opportunities, but has never focused on repairing a team dynamic. Will he succeed? Will he be fired? Who can he ask for help? Throughout the story, Jason reveals a leadership system which can help any potential leader succeed. He outlines a powerful model and actionable steps toward developing a team or an individual.

Jason Phoenix


Jason Phoenix received his Industrial Engineering Degree, from Northeastern University, in Boston, MA. Jason has an extensive career in Production, Operations, Manufacturing and Print Managed Services. He currently lives in the Las Vegas area with his wife, Elyse and their two children Lex and Paxton. Being A Balanced Leader is his debut project, as an author.

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