Being Jay Novak: An Out-of-Body Experience Thriller

by Kathryn Orange

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Book Description

Homeless children are being abducted from London’s streets and no-one seems to care–until 9 year old Ella is taken by mistake. Her mother is the only witness to the kidnapping, but she is knocked down by a car and slips into a coma on the way to the hospital. Nobody else knows Ella is missing.Alone and frightened Ella tries to understand what her captors want from her……and learns to survive.But hope of rescue eventually comes from an unconventional partnership. Through a psychic connection, Ella’s mother meets a man called Jay Novak who agrees to help save her daughter. Together they travel through London's underworld to find the girl. The journey is fraught with dangers: Jay is being hunted by gangsters out for revenge; and pursued by a policeman obsessed with his arrest; add into the mix London is under a terrorist threat; and Jay's companion is more of a hinder than a help.It’s a race against time to rescue the girl. And desperate steps need to be taken or risk losing her forever.Can Jay find the girl before the clock stops? This story has high thrill, paranormal romance and examines the idea of a woman in a man’s body….which inevitably adds some comedy moments to this otherwise high action crime thriller.

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