BELIEVE in DEMONS: A Carter McBride Supernatural Thriller (The Demon Wars Series Book 1)

by Richard Alanson

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Book Description

BELIEVE in DEMONSDetective Carter McBride believes in one thing and one thing only; justice. Ever since his brother was killed by a drug dealer he has devoted himself to catching criminals.While investigating the mysterious murder of an underground prizefighter, things are not as they seem. A local priest, Father Constantine, warns Carter that there is supernatural danger lurking, a satanic cult called the Lords of Baal threaten to cloak the world in darkness. Carter's pride and beliefs won't allow him to accept that possibility, but eventually, it becomes too terrifying to ignore. Carter's entire world is shaken and turned upside down as he witnesses inexplicable and unnatural phenomenon. Forced to question his entire outlook on the world, Carter is faced with a new path in life, one where he is not just a homicide detective but an earthly crusader against evil and darkness.

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