Bethany’s Quest for Power: A Reverse Harem Romance. (A Post Apocalyptic Women’s Survival Tale, Book 2)

by Kandy Moon
  • Book Author : Kandy Moon
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Book Description

"I'm an alpha female. I know what I want. I'm not afraid to go after it, get it, and then make it my mission to make it perfect." In fact, "I’m taking care of something I shouldn’t have left undone on our wedding night.”After the collapse of civilization because of a nuclear attack, survivors set up camp outside of Los Angeles, California in an old oil refinery.  During the  attack,  a virus was spread by tainting bottled water facilities. The virus only affected the X-chromosome in females. It wiped out millions.To protect and grow the female species, survivors created a lottery-like drawing for marriage when a woman turns 20-years-old. Because of the shortage of women, one female is married to three males.Nix is a soldier in the camp. He’s an alpha male, solid, steady, confident, and sure of himself in all things. He's Beth's protector. Elliot is more of a beta male and has an issue with Beth and Nix’s relationship. Trent is the balance in their marriage.  But he’s way more emotional than the other two.Beth needs to prove herself to the male population by climbing the ranks. At the same time, she has to deal with three husbands, one of which she's had a problem with since their marriage five years ago.You might not be able to put this book down when you get caught up reading this suspense-filled, romantic thriller. But in the end, it's worth it. HEA guaranteed.

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