Big Stage for Me

by Dan Parisson

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Book Description

From the moment they begin socializing, children are exposed to bullying, peer-pressure, social hierarchies, and insults. It is essential for children to learn how to separate their true identity and potential from nasty things they hear from their peers. A valuable lesson to learn is how to be confident in your character, who you are, and not to care what other people think. Singing Bird is the story of a bird who loves to sing and wants to sing his tune, but is mocked by a flock of birds into singing alone. The Bird loses his self-confidence and becomes shameful of his singing. He finds a butterfly who encourages him to keep on singing and find his voice, no matter what people say. He is heard by a mighty Lion who wants Bird to sing at his ball. The Bird regains his self-confidence and realizes the Butterfly was right about not caring what others think and to keep following the desires of his heart. The flock attempts to disrupt the Ball and continue mocking the Bird’s singing, but the mighty Lion rejects them and makes them leave. All the animals of the forest have a wonderful time at the Ball, and the Bird learns the valuable lesson of following your dreams and not caring what others think because, in the end, right people will value his determination, effort, and talent. He didn't need the approval of the mean flock of birds, he just needed to follow his dreams, and better friends and opportunities will come his way because of it.

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