Bigfoot Death Squad and Eight Other Stories

by Eddie Mulnix
  • Book Author : Eddie Mulnix
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  • Category : Horror / Kindle Unlimited
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Book Description

Once they were heroes of the Great War. Now they’re derelicts on the cold streets of Denver, forgotten souls in a country ravaged by the Great Depression. Word’s out on the street: President Roosevelt’s Works Progress Adminstration is hiring for a project somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. The bums come from miles around, looking for a job. They think they’ll be digging ditches and paving roads...until they’re handed rifles. Now they’re a part of a secret war that has gone on for generations. Now they’re the BIGFOOT DEATH SQUAD. In this and eight other astonishing tales of the so-called ordinary world, EDDIE MULNIX transports the reader to a world as strange as it is familiar­—an unsettling landscape of ghostly occurences, speed-dealing superheroes, strip-club stickups, and more.

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