Black: The Name

  • Book Author : D B HALBERT
  • Promo Start : 02/10/2018
  • Promo End : 02/11/2018
  • Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Original Price : $4.99

Promo Price: $4.99

Book Description

A young girl with a dark magic infused with her soul. Cast from the world she knows in a moment of pure horror for her. Lost, but soon to be found, and accepted by those who would only want the best for her. Elizabeth Blackswan must find herself, and her place in the world, after having lost everything she has ever held dear or risk becoming the bridge for a great evil to pass into her reality that she was created to be. Not all odds are stacked against her though, as she meets Pearl, Aldrin, and Auburn, and finds place enough in their company, that may very well keep her from breaking.

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