Blogging For Your Business

by Shelley Wenger
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Book Description

If you have a business, you know that being online is the key to success… and that includes having a blog. Blogging For Your Business is the perfect tool to getting your company’s blog off the ground, whether you are looking for more followers, want to produce higher quality content, or haven’t even started yet!EVERY business needs a blog to get out in front of their customers, for many reasons. Aside from building your online presence, a blog will build your relationship with your customers, leading them to respect you, trust you, and, eventually, buy from you! Blogging For Your Business includes advice on all of the following topics, specifically designed to help small and large business owners on their blogging journey: What Is a Blog?Why Do You Need a Blog?Once You Decide to Blog, How Often Should You Blog? How To Find a Topic for Your Blog How To Find Things To Write About Week After Week What If I Can’t Write a List? A Little Thing We Call Writer’s Block No Blog Is Complete Without Pictures! Why You Have To Be Careful With Your Pictures? So, Where Can You Get Safe Pictures For Your Blog? Reasons To Delegate Your Blog (Or Other Business Tasks) Time: The Best Reason to Delegate Reasons To Hire Me To Write Your Blog If you want to reach more customers with a blog, pick up a copy today!

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