Blood Shaman: Sara Nightwing Book 1

by Art DeForest

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Book Description

Sara grabbed a handful of lustrous black hair and jerked the petite form out of the vehicle. Her own strength had Jade’s body flying fifteen feet through the air before she hit the ground and rolled back to her feet with catlike grace.“This is better.” Said Jade around her fangs as she took up a combat stance. “I’d rather kill you with my bare hands, anyway.” She finished, holding up hands whose nails had grown into razor sharp claws.Sara smiled, her features going feral as she took up her own stance. “Bring it, bitch.”House Abandonado wants their secret facility back. They've sent their top enforcer and assassin, Jade. to do the job. She's as beautiful as she is deadly. The only thing standing in her way is Sara Nightwing and a few lycanthrope friends. That's fine with Jade. She's been itching for a shot at the legendary blood shaman and her cronies.Sara Nightwing stars in her own story from the Kaitlyn Strong universe in this exciting debut. Be the first to like the beautiful and ancient blood shaman!

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