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by Sophia Jones
  • Book Author : Sophia Jones
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  • Category : Children's & Middle Grade
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Book Description

What mysteries does the distant planet “M” hide? A human is not able to get there. It is impossible to even reach it by the rocket. The good and not so good monsters inhabit the planet “M”. You would be very surprised to see this planet, which is an enormous purple ball with colourful trees and blue grass, with the bean-like houses. Yes, it is still fascinating. Our monsters-friends are rather lucky to live on planet “M”. Brad, Cynthia, and Sean go to the monster school together. They constantly get into different unpredictable adventures. Do the monsters-friends just think up them? Cynthia has a bottle of magic solution in her backpack. It is possible to open any lock with the solution. Someone has stolen the bottle. The monsters-friends start searching. Will they be able to catch a thief? What will happen if the entire school learns about the solution? The friends are short of time to find out the robber. Brave Brad and Sean decide to find out what this all about together. The search for a bottle has taken the friends to the laboratory. The thief is behind the locked door. Nevertheless, suddenly Cynthia offers her assistance. In addition, will Sean and Brad be able to return the stolen? Let us find out together!

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