Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back After Business Failure

by Michael Allen
  • Book Author : Michael Allen
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  • Category : Business
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Promo Price: $14.99

Book Description

Bouncepreneurs is written exclusively to help entrepreneurs and small business owners who have lost their business or venture. This book restores dignity, respect and appetite for future entrepreneurial enterprise. It is an ideal gift for friends or loved ones struggling after losing their own business. It provides very practical no-nonsense advice and encouragement to Bounce Back to financial success and personal happiness. The book is about turning the failure experience into a stepping stone to getting rich and doing so quickly, with minimal start up funds. Michael Allen's book is shamelessly anti-establishment and seeks to obliterate the shame society attaches to business failure. This book is designed especially to help those whose confidence is damaged by a failure of their last venture. It offers empathy, understanding, clear principles and a alternative business model. Bouncepreneurs consists of two parts. In the first part of the book Michael seeks to help the readers deal with the practical and emotional events following a business failure. In the second part the reader is shown how to Bounce Back with a new business idea and avoid the mistakes of the past . You are taken on a recovery pathway by a series of Bouncepreneur Guides. These Guides are shown as Kangaroos. Each have a special area of advice and exercises for you. Their personalities are very different and each wears a Karate Belt from white to black.

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