Brag Books (eReport): The Powerful “Reference” You Take With You To the Interview (e-Report Book 5)

by Peggy McKee
  • Book Author : Peggy McKee
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Book Description

“Wow” Them in the Interview with an Impressive Portfolio of Accomplishments Whether you call it a portfolio, kudos folder, or brag book, it’s an incredibly exciting and powerful interview tool that ANYONE can and should create. A brag book goes beyond your resume, providing visible ‘proof’ of your greatest accomplishments. It functions as a powerful reference for you and shows evidence of your character, your track record, and your ability to do the job. In this report, learn:• Exactly what goes in a good brag book• What should NOT go in your brag book• How to put together an impressive book• How and when to present your brag book in the interviewPut yourself in a hiring manager’s shoes: If you were faced with two great candidates for the job and one had an organized, professional document of their success, and the other only had a resume, which candidate would you likely choose? Brag books get job offers for you.A brag book is a document of your career success that you need today.

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