Brand-New Quotes, One-liners, and Short Jokes: A Collection of Humorous Materials You Won’t Find Anywhere

by Dave J. Shelton
  • Book Author : Dave J. Shelton
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Book Description

This is the second installment in the series, and everything in here is even fresher, funnier and, as usual, straight to the punchlines. As with the first installment, you won’t find those cliched materials—that’s what the internet’s for. After all, time is so precious it should only be wasted wisely. In this installment, you get memorable quotes, witty one-liners, and humorous short jokes on knowledge, wisdom, science, technology, time, intelligence, money, politics, government, relationship, marriage, love, relationship, beauty, health, success, etc. There are also materials to motivate and inspire you, so you know that it’s well, even inside a well (although, outside is obviously better). Some humorous but somewhat true definitions have also been included. Also, in order to aid understanding, keywords have been italicized. Tom Willis, the fellow who is capable of the sublime in one minute and pure foolery in the very same minute, is back, and back with a bang. I couldn’t help but create more space for him in this installment. You also get to meet our new doctor, the one who took the hypocritical oat and, therefore, likes to make a meal (or mess, if you like) of everything. Although this is not the go-to book for aspiring clowns, you can rest assured that the contents of this book will breathe new life into your talks, speeches, tweets, writings, etc. This book is ideal for the young, the old, and the age-is-just-a-number crew.

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