Bread Machine Cookbook

by Christopher Lester
  • Book Author : Christopher Lester
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Book Description

The day has come when you have decided to bake your first bread in your new bread machine. Congratulations! This is a valuable acquisition for any home. Now you can serve your family with hot bread and fragrant pastries every day. The Bread Machine Cookbook includes: - YOU KNOW BAKING SECRETS. You will find useful tips for baking healthy bread at home. - EAT A TASTY AND FRAGRANT BREAD AT HOME. You will find easy-to-follow but original bread recipes for your home appliance. Bread recipes in this cookbook allow you to create real artisan breads with a conventional kitchen appliance. It seems incredible that the simplest instructions and ordinary and available ingredients can result in an aromatic loaf that everyone will love. This bread machine recipes is categorized into different chapters that range from: - Basic, Everyday, Traditional & Regional bread - Spice & Herb bread - Grain, Seed & Nut bread You do not even have to call your family for dinner; everyone will come to the fragrance of freshly baked bread. From this Bread Machine Cookbook, you will discover how to make a loaf healthier or less caloric, and which ingredients improve the smell of ready-made bread or supplement spice to it. Each recipe in this book is tested by me, and all the tips for improving bread are taken from my own experience. Now it is time for you to choose your own favorite recipes!

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