Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU

by Gregory March

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Book Description

The motive for writing about Brexit was none other than the simple case of curiosity. The British referendum of 2016 is one of the most discussed topics until today. The British withdraw from the European Union had a big impact on Europe, and its consequences are still unknown. The aim was to create a book that will fulfill the expectations of those, who are curious about the British referendum, the consequences and the future of the United Kingdom. The aim of this book was to gain information about the relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom, to find out what were the main reasons why the referendum was held and to map the possible outcomes of the negotiations and its consequences on the economy and society. The result of the analysis indicates that as it was promised, the UK will leave the EU by the 29. March 2019, but it does not mean that everybody is satisfied with this ending. The series of unanswered questions and the sight of the unknown future makes everybody uncertain.

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