by Ingrid DeDecker

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Book Description

How to empower Christian Students and bring Hope from K-12. SHOOTINGS. SUICIDES. BULLYING. HOPELESSNESS... If you worry about kids in public schools… if you are concerned about your children or grandchildren getting in with the wrong crowd and perhaps losing their faith altogether… then you need the answers this book provides. If you see the next generation in dire need of direction and hope, and want children to know the love of God, then pull back the cover and start reading. Our public schools are barraged daily, but we can alter the onslaught! THIS BOOK PRESENTS AN INNOVATIVE AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTION ALREADY PROVEN TO TURN THE TIDE: - Discover how you have access to school campuses in a way you never imagined--from elementary through high school. - Learn clear strategies to bring the love of God directly to students. - Enable students to stand together instead of caving to peer pressure. THE TIME IS NOW! Schools need moral answers and are wide open to Christian Clubs. Parents and concerned adults are discovering their legal and constitutional rights and starting Christian clubs in every level of school across the country. Christian leaders are openly sharing the love of God in high schools and bringing hope.

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