Buddha An Introduction For Truth Seekers: The Man, The Teachings & The Religion

by Jamie Walker
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Book Description

Do you wanna know who Buddha was? Was he a man or was he a god? What is this religion of Buddhism and what do they believe? Who can become Buddha? Why do monks wear robes? And, can women be monks? This book explores the key lessons taught by Buddha and explains what the lives of monks are like. Inside Buddha An Introduction for Truth Seekers, we learn how Buddha’s teachings have spread all over the world—among Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Written as an easy-to-read guide, the book shares important lessons from Buddha like: ** Karma** The Universal Laws**The Wheel of Life**The Four Noble Truths**The Noble Eightfold Path**Mindfulness**The Importance of MeditationIn this book, you will learn why Buddha’s teaching are still relevant today though he lived more than two thousand years ago. You will find out why Buddha is one of the most quoted historical figures of all time. This book is perfect for those interested in: religion, spirituality, Tibetan culture, social sciences, anthropology, and of course, Buddhism.Including quotes from Buddha, Quick Facts, and Bulleted Points of many of the Buddha’s key lessons, Buddha An Introduction for Truth Seekers is a must have guide for anyone with a desire to learn about Buddha and Buddhism quickly and efficiently.

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