Buddhist Meditation

by Eido Gavde
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Book Description

Buddhism is not just a religion, but it's more of a philosophy and way of life. While Buddhism doesn’t deny that there are external factors that cause us to be unhappy (such as sickness, injury, or hunger), it insists that the primary cause of our unhappiness is an undisciplined mind. If that seems strange, then consider how it is that you can sometimes feel down even when nothing’s wrong. If you are like most people, there is likely little continuity to your happiness; it seems to come and go without consistency. But with a calm and disciplined mind, we can actually learn not to be ruffled by the world’s changing conditions. Our happiness would simply come from within, and it would be unshakable. This is because happiness is actually our default state, or our birthright, if you will. This book is designed to provide you with simple yet effective Buddhist meditation techniques that you can use to discipline the mind, rid it of mental clutter, and silence its internal chatter, so that you no longer have to depend on external factors to be content and achieve lasting happiness and nirvana in each and every moment.

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