Build Your Own Living Revocable Trust: A Pocket Guide to Creating a Living Revocable Trust

by Patrick X. Gallagher
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Book Description

Why keep a Trust for your Assets? Why Not Settle for a Will? Apart from the reasons extensively explained in this eBook, a living revocable trust is a document that can be revoked, changed, or terminated at any time that the Trustee (the creator of the Trust) wishes to do so. In this way, your assets become more fluid. Also, the assets are kept protected as the Trust can be updated while the Trustee is still alive and well. Unlike a Will, a Trust is more flexible and sustainable. A complete analysis and comparison between a Trust and a Will is presented in this eBook. While you are still around to protect your assets, why not start building your own Living Revocable Trust? Do not wait for your family to suffer the consequences of a probate.

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