Building Supernatural Success

by Daniel Green

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Book Description

Discover, in 4 easy steps, what is getting in the way of you being successful at everything you do. You will learn how to replace your weak foundations or flawed beliefs with supernatural foundations. Then you will be able to fulfill all the desires of your heart and accomplish unimaginable things that only God can do. Is something getting in the way of you achieving your heart's passions or becoming successful at what you love to do? Then get this book to find how to remove everything that is hindering you, so that you can accomplish great things for God. Replace your weak foundation and experience the greater things of Heaven: - Enjoy more success in your ministry, career, business, and family life. - Have a greater impact for God's Kingdom. - Enjoy God's presence even more. - Do the miracles Jesus did and see more signs and wonders in your life. - Experience true freedom from everything that holds you back. Do you want more? Then get this book and receive all these benefits and so much more.

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