Caprice: A Clairvoyant Fantasy Romance (Sabrina Strong Series Book 4)

by Lorelei Bell
  • Book Author : Lorelei Bell
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  • Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Book Description

The Dark World has placed a bounty on Sabrina’s head, and a rogue vampire intends to claim it.A relaxed holiday gathering is interrupted when Sabrina is attacked by a demon in disguise. Stripped of his power, disgraced vampire Bjorn Tremayne takes advantage of the melee and seizes the opportunity to escape with Sabrina.Pursued by both Vasyl and the dutiful Nephilim, Bill, Sabrina has to rely on her instincts to survive. But can she fulfill her destiny?Praise:★★★★★ "Great story and characters that steal the reader's attention. Love this series."★★★★★ "If you want a book that will keep your interest up, this is the one."

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