“Captains Courageous”: Annotated,Illustrated (1)

by Rudyard Kipling
  • Book Author : Rudyard Kipling
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

A fifteen-year-old young lad was rescued from drowning in the Atlantic Ocean by one fisherman. No one believed that he was the son of wealthy parents (in fact, his father was a railroad tycoon), nobody wanted to bring him back home…so he had to accept the unfortunate situation and became a boy on the crew…This story shows us how a spoiled naughty boy turns into a skillful fisherman and courageous person with solid values, how bad luck can change one`s life for better.The book is written in a lively interesting manner. And can become a real guide for parents of a boy. This story is also an excellent thing to read before putting children to sleep at night.“Captain Courageous” is a life-changing adventure story that you cannot leave aside!

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