Carr Square(The Village)

by M. Anthony Phillips
  • Book Author : M. Anthony Phillips
  • Promo Start : 04/14/2018
  • Promo End : 04/21/2018
  • Category : Teen & Young Adult
  • Original Price : $3.99

Promo Price: $3.99

Book Description

When four little boys discover a mysterious package from an abandoned building in St. Louis, Missouri, it has the potential to lead to war between two communities already simmering from a blistering summer in nineteen sixty-nine. Michael, his brother Tim, Antonio, and Stevie looking for adventure on the Fourth of July when they find a package left there. Also, it’s a moment in time that’s crucial for the boys as they bond a friendship that shapes their futures. The Village is alive as well as the community thrives in its history and togetherness. In the meantime, a gangster by the name of Marcus is looking to take over the Carr Square to raise his status as a force to be reckoned with. Coming from the infamous Pruitt-Igoe Housing Project, Marcus is ruthless with his gang and Carr Square would be a hefty notch on his climb to the top. Pruitt-Igoe is boiling over with crime and drugs, causing a revolt against the Housing Authority but a fear against Marcus and his gang. The Carr Square boys will stop at nothing to save their community from the onslaught of Marcus and his gang.

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