Change Your Life for Good with the PAME Code of Purpose, Action, Momentum, and Energy: Inspired by Groundbreaking Research and Captivating Life Stories from Applied Psychology (You Can Do It Book 1)

by E V Estacio
  • Book Author : E V Estacio
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Book Description

Overcome your trials, unleash your passion, and become who you are meant to be with this captivating book from chartered psychologist, Dr E V Estacio.  Change your life for good - that's a big one! Are you feeling depressed as if you are stuck in a rut and not living your true purpose in life? Are you itchy to get unstuck but don't know how and where to start? Are you afraid of risk, failure or embarrassment because of change? Change is not always easy. Yet, with the right tools and support, taking a step to change your life for good is easier than you think.Chartered Psychologist, Dr E V Estacio shares groundbreaking research and real life stories from applied psychology, so you too can apply these practical and easy-to-follow techniques to overcome depression and anxiety and change your life for good.

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