Chasing Fae Romance Book 1 Well Met in Forest Light:: A Fae Paranormal Romance Erotica

by Jean Ecrivain
  • Book Author : Jean Ecrivain
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  • Category : Erotica
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Book Description

The first book in Jean Ecrivain's new Fae Paranormal Romance Erotica series "Chasing Fae Romance" is a rollicking, sexy, thrilling, modern fairy tale.Poor little Sarah. She's blonde, beautiful, artistic, and successful. The only thing she doesn't have in her life is a man.One day while jogging, she runs into Robin, an on-again-off-again boyfriend with a penchant for speaking as if he were in a Shakespearean play. Robin invites her to run away with him and act as hostess to a party he's throwing.Which is fine until she meets Neo, a rich, sexy, and generous bad boy, who might not be what he seems. Neo sweeps Sarah and her business partner Tara off their feet and shows them what they've been missing with each other.Will Sarah stay in her flower shop? Will she see Neo again? Will she go with Robin? Is Robin a real Fairy prince? Or are the Fae just playing with her? Or is this all just an erotic fantasy?Read Well Met in Forest Light to find out!Warning: this book is for adult entertainment purposes only. Not to be read by people under the age of majority (18) in your jurisdiction. Contains: Adult situations, Sex and sexual matters, threesomes ( FMF ) , and some BDSM or erotic submission references and fairy erotic situations.

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