Chasing Mermaids: YA High School Teen Romance (St. Mary’s Academy Book 2)

by Seven Steps
  • Book Author : Seven Steps
  • Promo Start : 12/21/2017
  • Promo End : 12/26/2017
  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

He offered me my dreams in exchange for my heart. What would you do?Sixteen-year-old Ariel Swimworthy is focused on one thing: fulfilling her dream of swimming in the Olympics. But, when she gets into a fight at school, Ariel’s dream is suddenly derailed, and she finds herself off the swim team and stuck in business class next to her super-hot ex-boyfriend Eric Shipman. The same ex-boyfriend who has been sending her flowers every day since she dumped him.When Eric proposes a dangerous and daring plan to get Ariel back in the water, she must decide what’s more important: chasing her dream of being an Olympic champion or protecting her heart from the boy who is determined to win it back. A fun, emotional, young adult romance contemporary romance about forgiveness, second chances, and chasing your dreams no matter the cost.

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