Chemtrails – The BioAPI Influx

by Josh Caster

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Book Description

It is the near future and nanotechnology has revolutionized the world in the same way that computers did in the revolution prior. Among the plethora of these new advances is a nanothreat that a powerful CEO, Darmani, aims to harness in order to further his own ideas at world domination. The outcome of the battle, which is set in Oklahoma City, will have worldwide ramifications. The BioAPI interfaces with a population that is unknowingly being exposed to it through the chemtrails that are being sprayed above their heads on a daily basis. The conspiracy theorists have long been guessing at what is actually being let loose in the skies, and there are others who argue that it is simply normal contrails. The Shepherd and his group, the Guardians of Nanotechnology, have as their duty to protect the innocent population.

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