by Delilah Bluette
  • Book Author : Delilah Bluette
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Book Description

Leilana never wanted power. She never wanted to rule even if it was always her destiny. Mytis knows that the Gods have decreed his Empire encompass the face of the world and he will do anything to make sure it happens. He never anticipated the assassin he sent to the Eastern Islands would kill the wrong heirs, making an enemy out of three nations now united against the Imperial Mages or that a grieving husband's revenge could threaten his Kingdom. The assassination trusts Leilana into a role she never imagined and, most certainly, had never been trained for. As she is uprooted from her home and dropped into a foreign land, political machinations pit her against those people she thought could be most trusted. Everyone wants the throne of the Eastern Islands... except for the woman who has it. The reluctant queen can run, or she can make a bargain with the creature who calls himself a demon but looks like an angel. Like her mother always said; "Empires are not made on the battlefield. They are forged in the alliances of those who have the most to gain and the least to lose." This book is the first in a series. Book 2 will be released in 2019. Read the prequel End of Imperium.

Delilah Bluette


Delilah Bluette majored in Criminal Psychology and has published several short works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry under other pen names. She lives on the West Coast with two dogs, two cats, and her family.

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